Exhibitions 2008 (Croatia)

Exhibition in Gallery-club "Izvor". Zagreb. April 2008

Exhibition was held in Gallery-club "Izvor". Zagreb.
Owner of the gallery Natalia Kladich.

Exhibition "Dalmacija ocima ruskih i ukrainskih slikara", Supetar (island Brac), august 2008)

One of the greatest island in Dalmatia is Brac.
One time I'll do special page about this wonderful place.
we have had exhibition in the capital of this island in august 2008.
Exhibition was held in the exhibition hall of Supetar's elementary school in right center of town close to Cathedral.
It was so nice... Thanks to Natalia Kladic,- woman who helped me to start exhibition project in Croatia.
She was the owner of own gallery but things are changed and now Natalia works in Society of primitive art in Zagreb.
So if you will be in Zagreb find a minute and visit the gallery of this society on Tkalchicheva street.

Exhibition in Union of Artists. St-Petersburg. February 2008

Exhibition of the artists- new members of St-Petersburg's Union of Artists. St-Petersburg. February 2008

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