Exhibitions of 2000.

Doing this post I try to do serie of posts about past...
Before moving to Croatia in 2006 our lifes (my and wife's) were connected with St-Peterburg Academy of art (wellknown Repin inst.)
We have students there and we have worked there in "Information center" which we have orginized.
It was the period 2000-2005.
It is interesting but in this period I started collecting of information and collecting paintings.
All information about art life in St-Petersburg were published on web-page Artroots.com
Founder of this page Brigitte Lloyd is my first and very special friend in the US.
Thanks to her I did what I did for this 10 years.
I just want to say that this woman is the greatest "art lover" I ever met in my life....

It was wonderful time. I have visited some interesting exhibitions in St-petersburg.
Doing photos, meeting artists, finding paintings for collection....

Second World War Veterans Artists Exhibition at the Union of the Artists.  April 28, 2000 

Gavriil Malysh Exhibition at Peter Pavel Fortress, St. Petersburg, Russia. May 10, 2000

Graduation Class of 2000 St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts. May 2000

Presentation of 2000 diplomas at the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Art. May 2000

Master Class 2000. Ethnography Museum, St. Petersburg, RussiaJune 8, 2000 

Exhibition of Degreed Diplomas - Paintings in the Museum of the Academy of Art July 14, 2000

St. Petersburg - Moscow Union of Artist Exhibition at the central exhibition hall "Manehze" July 21, 2000

Degreed Diplomas 2000 - Paintings 

Autumn Exhibition, Union of Artists, St. Petersburg, Russia, November 18, 2000 

 Exhibition in the Museum of the Academy of Art, St.Petersburg, Russia,  December 2000
(exhibition of artworks painted this summer by academy's students in the south of Russia) 

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