Contemporary artist Vadim Suvorov - Tsirkulenko

mastery of a classical portrait
Vadim Suvorov -Tsirkulenko was born in Ukraine in Nikolaev in 1986.
He is a graduate of the Nikolaev Art School and the Grekov Art Institute in Odessa.
He is primarily focused on painting figurative work.
His painting was published on the cover of Art Connoisseur magazine's in may 2013.

Art Connoisseur may issue with "Julia" on cover

Julia. 29x27 inches

in blue 70x60cm

Polina. 80x60cm

Evening. 50x80cm

reading 24x26 inches


in ukrainian dress

portrait of wife. 80x60cm

Masha 50x45cm

Sevastopol bay.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful work! I am inspired. I have new friends from the Ukraine and I am showing them your work. Beautiful portraits and landscapes. Would love to see more.
    Jesse Gardner, Philadelphia USA