Summer Practice in Repin Institute

Repin Institute has two big plein air practice during education.
First is summer practice in Pushkinskie Gory. Place connected with the name of famous russian poet Alexander Pushkin. And second in Alupka (Crimea) where Repin Institute has summer workshop which was artist's Korovin property and was gifted to Repin Institute by artist in the early of 20 century.
Thanks two this places and two this names every student of repin Institute has made series of plein air works there.

Puskinskie Gory

Alexei Avilov

Viktoria Kurushkina

Alex Osipov

A. Avilov

A. Osipov


Alupka (Crimea)



Plein Air. 2007-2009

Plein Air 2007 in Dalmatia.
Artists Arsenii Bagdasaryan & Sergey Danchev (students of Repin Institute). St-Petersburg. 

Arsenii Bagdasaryan

Sergey Danchev

Plein Air 2008 in Dalmacija

Tatyana Lushnikova & Irina Melikhova. (grad. Repin Institute. St-Petersburg )

Tatyana Lushnikova

Irina Melikhova

Plain Air and Art Colony in Skradin. Dalmacija. Artists Denis Sarazhin & Viktoria Kalaichi. (Kharkov Academy of art. Kharkov) 


Zoran Bicanic - Croatian artist - founder of Skradin art colony

Viktoria Kalaichi

Denis Sarazhin


Sketch in Russian art of 20-21 century

 Ten sketches by Ten Soviet , Russian and Ukrainian artists.
(actually artists there prefer to name this sort of painting - etude ( expression in the music ). I think it make sense because for them painting like a music...)

Gavrill Malysh. 1965

Alexei Borodin. 1960th

Dmitry Motov. 2000

Alexandr Poltev. 1950th

A. Lukashuk. 2000

Alexander Pushnin. 1950th

Irina Melikhova. 2008

Yuri Shatokhin. 2003

Sergey Kovalenko. 2008

Alexei Kamenev. 2009


Exhibitions 2010 (Croatia)

Exhibition in the Gallery of city Zabok. April 2010

Exhibition in Gallery of city Zabok. April 2010
(with the support of Society of Zabok's art friends and Society of Russian woman of Zabok)

Exhibition in the Museum of city Pozhega

Exhibition in Museum of city Trogir, September 2010

Exhibition in the Museum of city Trogir http://hr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trogir 
Musuem located in old part of town on the Gradska street http://hvm.mdc.hr/muzej-grada-trogira,763:TRG/hr/vijesti/?t=i&vid=5175&d=6-9-2010

about exhibition:

EXHIBITION "Dalmacie očima umělců " Czech Rep. 23.10.2010

EXHIBITION "Autumn in Czech Rep." 21.11.2010.

Exhibition in villa Juliska in 21.11.2010.
Works showed on exhibition were made during 2 weeks plain air in Prag.
Artists - participants:
Tamara Kakysheva
Julia Koscova
Lydmila Sherbinina
Oksana Arkhipova
Anastasia & Dmitry Shvetsovy
Alexandra Yagodkina

Exhibition in Pansion Ilonka. Mursko Sredishe. August 2010

Exhibition and Folk festival in the place Mursko Sredishe (Croatia). August 2010

Exhibitions 2011 (Czech Rep.)

Exhibition in "Altron gallery". Prague, January 2011

Exhibition of realistic painting from collection "Repinart" in "Altron Gallery"
Selected paintings made during plein air in Dalmatia and Prag in 2010.
Works by artists: Lydmila Sherbinina, Anastasia & Dmitry Shvetsov, Tamara Kakysheva, Oksana Arkhipova, Julia Koscova, Andrei Alekhin etc...
Curator of the exhibition - Sára Troníčková (Representative of "Repinart" in Czech Republic)
For the great opening speech and comments on the exhibition thanks to art critic 
PhD Evžen Průša
Exhibition held with support of the firm "Altron"

Exhibitions 2009 (Croatia)

Exhibition in art-salon, Pozhega, april 2008

Exhibition "Dalmacija" in Art salon of the Museum of Pozhega city. April 2008
Together with Society "Udruga slovanskih manina" and administration of city Pozhega.
Participated artist Sergey Rozhnov and his wife art critic Elizaveta Surikova.

Exhibition together with the Russian Emabassy in RH. May 2009

EXHIBITION in Diocletian Palace. Split. June 2009

June 10 through 17, 2009 the exhibition "View of Croatia by Russian and Ukrainian artists" took place in town Split- capital of south Dalmatia region.This exhibition took place within frameworks of the "Day of Russian Federation". The Exhibition took place in "Europe House" in Split.
The exhibition of the collection belonging to "Repin art" offered a look at more than 60 works of 20 various genres and technique artists from Russia and Ukraine who were visited a creative "Summer Residence" on island Chiovo and enjoy both living and working here.
Among artists: Alexey Kamenev, Alexander Goryachev, Andrey Alekhin, Konstantin Lizogub, Irina Novikova, Denis Sarazhin,Natalia Salakhly,Yana Golubyatnikova, Irina Ribakova, Olga Kopeina and others.
The exhibition has captured attention of the visitors, as well as residents of city who value realistic painting and has been presented by the mass media.
The exhibition is made possible with assistance of the society of the cultural organization of the russians of Split "Izvor".
There were many guests including heads of Serb, Makedonian, Slovenian organizations of Split 

EXHIBITION together with Croatian's Embassy in Moscow. June 2009

25 june 2009 celebration of the Statehood Day of Republic of Croatia together with Croatian's Embassy in Moscow. Follow Artists were participated: Natalia Salakhly, Irina Rybakova, Alexei Kamenev, Jemma Mkheyan, Sergey Rozhnov.