Repinart in ČR.

I want to say THANKS to Sára Troníčková, her husband Jiri , SPECIAL thanks to Danovi Kurkovi for his enthusiasm and ideas in realization of this project and to Dana Průšova - curator of the first exhibition and many other our friends and art lovers from Prag.

Sára Troníčková
Collection of the Gallery:

Gallery collection include paintings and watercolors on two main themes:
First is the group of plein air paintings created during 2007-2010 years by different artists - guests of Art- Residency Repin in Croatia:
Another part of plein air works were created during our plein air workshop in Czech. Rep. in November 2010:
This Gallery is the result of the one nice story named "How the passion to Art makes all around better"
This is story of Mrs. Sara Tronickova (One day we will devote the special page to her). 
It was started in August 2009 after visit Tronicek family to small town Skradin and participating in Skradin's Art Colony:
...and continued in the summer of 2010 on Chiovo island:
...and then have started Czech part of this story. In October 2010 was held
Exhibition "Dalmacija" in Villa Juliska, Jevany:
...and in November 2010 another exhibition "Autumn in Czech Rep." in Villa Juliska, Jevany included paintings created during Plein Air in Czech Rep: 
...during this Plein Air the delegation of artists have visited well known Prag Academy of Art: January 2011 with the support of the firm "Altron" was held exhibition in Gallery Altron: it's the way we made during last 3 years for proudly saying- Welcome to Repinart Gallery in Prag!
Show must go on...

Our contacts in Prag:
Mrs. Sára Troníčková
mobil: +420775176822

... and she sings so wonderful!