Kiev Academy. Study Composition. 1950th.



one personal opinion

...new reality of our days- is the victory of realism: real economy , organic food, realistic art....
Fashion for performances and "actual art"  are over.
It is one not the good news for everybody who can't paint but may partying...
We slowly but surely returning to to eternal values of the realistic fine art.
But... How to do it with the minimal losing?
How to slowly but surely to return to traditional fine art?
And how to get back to him with minimal loss?
How not to bring the revival of realist painting to the "amateurism"? Amateurism worth every encouragement in the case where it serves as a basis for further serious steps.
The main basis for this flourishing of traditional art and culture certainly has always been and remains the "Academic School"!
"Master-class" is the good but not nearly enough element for the complex system of art education!
Narrow systems of art education which is based on the individual elements of academic system will never allow the artist to develop as an universal master and he will always depend on to some artistic manner or technique .
It is impossible to receive whole knowledges and skills of painting without academic system!
Now the most pressing question should be a matter of preservation of the academic school in Russia and Ukraine, and probably its exports to the new art centers such as the United States, which are really the most important art-scene and art market for traditional realistic art in the World.
 "Academic school of fine art" which was born in Europe in 17 century, and was survived in the Soviet Union in 20 century, now as legendary Phoenix stay just before a new birth in a new place.
The academic school of fine art is the not a narrow national phenomenon but universal achievement of all of us- all who appreciate and understand a realistic painting!


Gallery of study portraits of Kiev Academy of Arts. 1950th.

This is: "...just training works made by ordinary soviet students..."!!! 








Contemporary Artists. Igor Shipilin

seeking fantastic in landscape
Igor Shipilin - my old friend and the best Crimean master of landscape on my opinion.
He is 50 and he has exhibition in Sevastopol Museum of Art!
Congratulation my FRIEND!

..and here about Igor's plein air in Croatia: