GALLERY#1 Soviet art

Alexander Pushnin

1. Alexander Pushnin. Nurse. 35x50cm. oil on canvas. 1950th.jpg

2. Alexander Pushnin. Portrait of the Girl (Milkmade). oil on canvas. 35x50cm.jpg

3. Alexander Pushnin. Village. 35x50cm. 1950th. oil on board.jpg

4. Alexander Pushnin. Girl in white. 35x50cm.oil on canvas. 1950th.jpg

5. Alexander Pushnin. Girl in pinck. 40x50cm. oil on canvas.1940th

                                              Oleg Lomakin

6. Oleg Lomakin. Selfportrait. 60x90cm. oil on canvas. 1970th.jpg

7. oleg Lomakin. Art Critic. 90x70cm. oil on canvas.1970th.jpg

8. Oleg Lomakin. Builder of Leningrad abt. 100x70cm. oil on canvas. (from the serie Builders of Leningrad)JPG

                                            Eric Rebane
                  http://galleryrussia.com/index.php?  option=com_rsgallery2&Itemid=53&gid=72&subcat=108&limit=15

9. Erih Rebane. Zoya. 35x50cm. oil on canvas.1950th.jpg

10. Eric Rebane. Spring. oil on canvas. 1940th. jpg

11. Eric Rebane. Alupka. oil on board. 1940th. jpg

                                      Boris Gladchenko
Boris Gladchenko was born in 1929 in Leninsk, Volgograd region. 
First art education artist has had in art school in town Leninsk. He has finished art scholl in 1945.
In 1957 the artist finished the Savitsky art college in Penza. 
Since 1958 B. Gladchenko has taken part in art exhibitions. 
The artist works in the genre of landscape. 

The pictures of B. Gladchenko are at the picture gallery in Penza, in private collections in Russia and abroad: England, Germany, France. 

12. Gladchenko. Autumn. 40x60cm. oil on canvas. 1980th. jpg

13. Gladchenko. Village. 40x60cm. oil on canvas. 1980th. jpg

14. Gladchenko. Penza. 30x60cm. oil on canvas. 1980th. jpg

                                              Vladimir Krantz

15. Vladimir Krantz. On the River. 50x80cm. oil on board. 1960th.JPG

                                      Vladimir Skryabin

16. Vladimir Skryabin. Banka. 30x40cm. oil on board. 1960th.jpg

17. Skryabin. Old Ladoga. 35x50cm. oil on board. 1960th.jpg

                                       Mikhail Grachev.
Born in Petrograd 1913. Studied in Repin Institute until 1948. Studio of Konashevich. Diplom "Illustration for Igor's tale". Active in Leningrad. Began exhibiting
1951. Member of St-Peterburg's Union of Artists. Specialised in landscapes and genre scenes. Author
of series of portraits of the Russian Fair Tales personages. Died in St-Petersburg 2001

18. Mikhail Grachev. Autumn in Crimea. abt. 30x40cm. oil on board. 1960th. jpg


Alexei Borodin

20. Alexei Borodin. water. 35x50cm. oil on board. 1960th.jpg 

19.Alexei Borodin. Crimea. 40x50cm. oil on board. 1960th.jpg


PLEIN AIR in November 2010 in Czech republic

in november 2010 was held first Plain air workshop in Czech Rep.
Plain air was held in villa Juliska in place Jevany close to Prag.
7 artists were participated: Tamara Kakysheva, Oksana Arkhipova, Lyudmila Sherbinina, Julia Koscova, Alexandra Yagodkina, Anastasia & Dmitry Shvetsovy.