Still life. Philosophy and symbolism


Polina Kuznetsova. Russian Samovar

...still life is the genre of painting which may be sort of discriminated in the history of painting. Still life always was a secondary genre which served for realization of the main idea of the painting. It was the traditional academic look at still life's role.  Because of it artist who wants to paint still life always stays before difficult question - how to paint still life itself.  And not to do still life like a only part of painting taken from content? So may be here two ways for realize still life as independent painting- doing plein air still life which as all plein air works will be concentrated on atmosphere or trying to fill still life with some philosophy and symbolism.  Anyway artists always need to remember that still life painting one of the closest genre  to ordinary life and because always exist demand on interesting still life.

Artem Rogovoi. Grandma's samogon

Valdimir Pentyh. Evening tea

Denis Sarazhin. Pumpkin kingdom

Antonin Passemard. Sock monkey

Artem Rogovoi. Stepnoi

Polina Kuznetsova. Breads

Denis Sarazhin. Sunflowers