Exhibitions of 2001

Vladimir Kozhevnikov Exhibition "Belomor"  
at the St-Petersburg's Union of Artists Exhibition Hall. 
St.Petersburg, Russia , 2nd February to 18th February 2001

Alexey Bolshakov. Exhibition in the city of Pskov, gallery "na Bastionnoi", March 2001

Union of Artists Annual Spring Exhibition, St. Petersburg, April 2001

Exhibition of Degreed Diplomas in the Museum of the Academy of Art , July 14, 2001

"3+one" Exhibition at Gallery "Nevsky 20" St-PetersburgAugust 2001

Historic Memorial "Mamayev Kurgan" and Museum of art in Volgograd 
(Akhmed's visit in September 2001 to this memorial about WW2 Stalingrad's battle in 1942-1943 and their beautiful art museum)

Exhibition of summer practice at the Academy museumNovember 2001

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