Lovely model. Artist's wife in the portrait

Artist's wife usually was the most important model for him since artists started to work with this genre. We know many examples in the history Rembrandt or Renoir. And now contemporary artists keeping this good tradition. If you find somewhere interesting portrait of woman   with the deep psychological character be sure it is portrait of wife!
And it is most important moment in genre of portrait - to open real character of the model instead of doing just numerous pretty-pretty girls with the same pretty faces but without any personality... 
So dear artists: love, cherish and paint your lovely wives and you will have success in portrait genre!)

Renat Ramazanov. Alexandra (Sasha

Sergey Kovalenko. Irina

Denis Sarazhin. Viktoria

Vadim Suvorov. Anastasia

Alexander Britsev. Nelli

Denis Sarazhin.Viktoria (Vika

Nikolai Fechin. Alexandra

Vladimir Filatov. Olga (Olya

Sergey Kovalenko. Irina (Ira)

Sergey Kovalenko. Irina (Ira)

Ruslan Ivashenko. Maria (Masha)

Vadim Suvorov. Anastasia (Nastya)

Artem Rogovoi. Alexandra (Shura)

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