Memorial gallery. Oleg Lomakin

I'm opening serie of the small pages about Soviet artists with whom I have had luck to meet.
This men and woman (mostly deceased) are the people thanks to whom we have this unique phenomen called "Russian impressionism".
If you will ask me what were the main point for all this artists I will say ,- art and life for them were  the one  .
And It is the only honest way to be the real artist!

in memory of Oleg Lomakin

Oleg Lomakin

Selfportrait 1970th

Lomakin in his studio. 2005

Portrsit of art-critic Moiseeva

Exhibition of artists-veterans of WW2. 2004

Builder of Leningrad (from the serie). 1970th

article from "soviet impressionism" by V.Swanson

Portrait of artist Baskakov

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  1. Dear Akhmed -- I stumbled across you blog searching for Soviet Impressionism...yours is an awesome collection. I am a humble American painter, but I believe Russian artists dominated realism painting in the 20th century and they are my heroes now. Thank you for this wonderful site -- I will return again and again.